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Dear Beloved,

You would think that writing a testimonial for someone who has helped you change your life in the most extraordinary ways over the last 3.5 years would be an easy task. But it has not been easy at all, because there are really no words that even come close to describing the impact my sessions and relationship with Arron and Angela have had on my life. 

In order to help me write this testimonial I decided to pull out my old journals that I used to use during my sessions with Arron. As I read through my notes it was hard to even believe that the person who had written them was me. The person I was 3.5 years ago is a totally different person who wrote on those pages. Sure I look the same, but the growth my soul has done is beyond extraordinary. 

Through my sessions I have come alive inside. The confidence I have gained through my healing process has been amazing. I can now stand strong and tall in my truth and there is not a trace of victim mentality to be found. I am now in complete control of my life and the choices that I make, and I have the tools to create a life beyond the realms of my greatest daydream. I have learned that nothing is impossible and that I am strong enough to face any challenge that comes my way. 

This road has not always been rainbows and cupcakes, in order for this process to work YOU have to be willing to put in the effort and do things that may not always be easy. But knowing that I had Arron and Angela (and the angels) by my side I was able to work through built up layers of pain, fear, guilt, and all the other icky stuff that piles on over the years when you are in unhealthy relationships. Because of this work I have not only peeled away the layers, but I have developed such a strong sense of self love that I am no longer re-creating the toxic relationships from the past with new people that I allow into my life. I have finally been able to break those unhealthy cycles for good! 

From a young age I knew that I did not want to end up like my parents holding onto years of baggage that would prevent me from living my purpose and enjoying every minute of my life! I also knew that when I decided to have children that I wanted to be the healthiest that I could be so that I could be fully present for them and not continue the cycle of abuse and anger that had broken so many generations in my family before me. I had worked with other healers in the past but nothing compares to the work that I have been able to accomplish with Arron.  

Without the work I have done I would have not had the courage to go through my unexpected pregnancy. I would have continued making decisions based on others opinions and fear rather than listening to my inner truth and having faith. The thought of her not being in the world with me right now brings tears to my eyes. She is a true testament of the healing that I have done.  
As soon as my daughter was born my motivation to keep healing and growing was even stronger. I am now able to say that I am the healthiest and happiest I've ever been! I know my spiritual growth is a continuing process. I am so grateful to be in a place of being the best mom I can be for my beautiful daughter, and I know things will just continue to get better! 

If you are ready to change your life, then you are making a choice that you will never regret by working with these two amazing healers. With the tools that you learn, you will be able to awaken the inner strength you never thought you had, you will accomplish dreams that you never thought were possible, and you will breakthrough obstacles that would have destroyed you in the past. 

I am grateful, blessed, and honored to have these two beautiful souls in my life and no words that I can type will ever be able to show them how thankful I truly I am that the universe brought us together. All of heaven was looking down on me the day that Arron and Angela entered my life.

submitted by Ashley Ohl March 18, 2015 
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