Connecting to Source - Arron and Angela Michaels
There is a plethora of resources and information available to all of us through individuals, books, internet, and our direct Connection to Source. Awareness of our Highest Guidance leads us to everything we need. The resources listed below have greatly benefitted us on our path. We encourage you to expand your awareness by tuning in to your Highest Guidance and taking appropriate actions.

  • Doreen Virtue: Various books and Messaging Cards
  • Dr. Wayne DyerPower of IntentionExcuses Be Gone; and more
  • Lee CarrollKryon Channeling SeriesThe Journey Home
  • Neale D. WalshConversations with God seriesLittle Soul and the Sun
  • Esther and Jerry HicksAsk and It Is Given; The Law of Attraction; The Astonishing Power of Emotions; and more 
  • Masaru EmotoHidden Messages in WaterLove Thyself
  • Don Miguel Ruis:  The Four Agreements
  • Thich Nhat HanhPeace Is Every Step
  • The Secret
  • What the Bleep Do We Know!?
  • Guided Meditations by Doreen Virtue 
  • Create Your Day, guided meditation by Twin Flame
  • General Well-Being offered through Abraham-Hicks on youtube
  • Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra:
Websites and Videos 
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