Connecting to Source - Arron and Angela Michaels
Collective Consciousness Meditation
Every Sunday 
3:30pm PST

Join remotely from wherever you are

Through Connecting with Divine Source, 
All Things Are Possible.
These messages have been given throughout all time.
Consciously connect with your Divine Highest Self 
to create the life you desire. Let Peace and Harmony 
start with you and resonate throughout the Universe.
We are all One Energy, Infinitely connected. Let us co-create 
responsibly towards Enlightenment.
Be Light. Be Love. 
Tune-in to the Divine Light and Wisdom that is within you. 
Connect with that which is real - Divine Love. 
Fill your whole Being with this Divine Love, Light, and Sound, 
and send it as a wave of Love into the Infinite Universe. 
Notice this wave of Love as it circulates throughout the Universe 
and returns to you, magnified. 
Allow this Love to flow through you 
and out to all of Life, filling every Heart 
with unconditional Love, Light, Sound. 
Thank you for Being the Light Bringer you came here to Be. 
Thank you for vibrating towards Enlightenment.
 Harmony for Humanity
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